Nursing & Care Homes

Whether it be for an individual, family member or for a residence, as a whole the Foot Clinic is at hand to help.

It is our aim to provide those individuals within the nursing, residential and care home setting, the same level of podiatric treatment and care experienced by all of our clients. We aim to deliver treatment and care in a friendly professional manner in line with current best practice and evidence based practice.

The Foot Clinic is able to offer specialist packages to Nursing and Care homes. We offer competitive rates and the highest standards of care.

The Foot Clinic always:

  • Uses disposable instruments, thus removing the risk of cross infection
  • Keeps accurate records of all treatments and can update in-house notes if required
  • Offers an out of hours number to report any emergency cases or concerns
  • Attends all emergency cases within 48 hours of the call
  • Works efficiently with the multidisciplinary setting