Specialist podiatrists at the Foot Clinic are able to prescribe orthotics for a range of lower limb foot and ankle conditions.

The range of insoles or orthotics that we prescribe depends on many factors that will be discussed with your podiatrist but range from simple insoles to bespoke custom made devices made from a cast or mould impression of your foot.

There are many biomechanical investigations podiatrists use to help them assess and evaluate the patients they treat. A lot of biomechanical problems are treated with orthotics. These are often custom made insoles specifically for each patient that aim to improve function and reduce symptoms.

State of the Art

At the Foot Clinic we use a state of the art orthotics lab to make our custom orthotics. As a result the orthotics are of the highest quality and fit available. Pegasus is the first and only company outside of North America to be granted an exclusive license to design and manufacture this particular style of CAD-CAM Direct milled Orthoses.

By using the most sophisticated technology available Pegasus have taken important steps forward in increasing the accuracy of the Orthotic device and at the same, speed of production.

Through the use of this new technology, Pegasus are able to provide The Foot Clinic with a functional Orthoses of a specification and accuracy superior to anything previously available. As a result the orthotics are of the highest quality and fit available.

Click on an image below to view some of the orthotic examples that we work with.